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We sell, install, and service all types and brands of Automatic Gates, and Gate Operators In New York City Area
Automated gates provide convenience, security, and style for your home or business.

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Services: Interior Doors, Entry Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Screen Doors, Storm Doors, French Doors, Pocket Doors, Sliding Barn Doors, Closet Doors.

Doors can get a lot of abuse throughout the years, if you have a squeaking door or damaged door or if you have bought older home maybe you have an even bigger problem. If you would like to get your doors in working order but don’t want to replace them, our team can help.

Before you call check the list below and select all parts of the door or frame that are damaged, this will help us to target the problem and to provide you the service you need.
Lockset, Knob, Deadbolt, Hinge, Screen, Threshold, Frame, Stuck open or closed, Difficult to open, Door sticks, Door won’t stay closed, Door is cracking, Door is splitting, Door won’t clear new flooring, Weather stripping, Track for sliding door, Cracked glass, Moisture between panes of insulated glass.

Battery Park Handyman Service for Door Repair

One of the most usual, and most annoying, tiny problems around the home is having a stop working entry door. If your door squeaks, sticks, or has other issue opening or closing, it is very often an on going problem. Home entry door repair is not always a straightforward task, but in most cases, it is not incredibly involved, either. Entry door repair is a project that generally doesn’t take too much time, especially for an experienced professional. If you’re tired of dealing with an offending door, call our handyman service in Battery Park and we will fix the problem.